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Hake bread

Hake bread

The fillets are passed through paper towels (after they have thawed). Add salt and pepper. Cut into 3 smaller pieces.

Beat the eggs with salt and flour. Put the fillets in the egg composition and then through the breadcrumbs.

Fry in an oil bath on both sides.

Remove on absorbent wipes.

Serve with any combination. I preferred steamed vegetables.

Pool fish that we can serve apart from hake

We have nothing against the pieces of hake from fish caught from the original source, which was then frozen and kept in proper condition, the white and soft meat being generally appreciated. But many kinds of fish that can be obtained on the local market are worthy of being appreciated and present in the offer of restaurants on the beaches and on the beach. Creatively prepared, Eastern European species have the characteristics of fish from other parts of the world, and adopting international and national traditions and techniques can successfully appear on the plates of summer terraces.

The splendid invention of Peruvian gastronomy is ceviche, a preparation that has already become known all over the world. Ceviche is actually marinated fish, cut into pieces and salted. It is usually marinated with citrus juice, making fish meat ideal for salads. The dish can be used both in elegant kitchens and in the offer of street food of the premises inside the swimming pools. It can be combined with lettuce, seasonal tomatoes, grilled and cooled zucchini, or with a spicy corn salad. Be sure to ask for homemade bread for a gastronomic experience close to perfection!

Another extremely popular type of fish is the cod, popular especially for its caviar, which can be obtained easily and at a stable quality, almost as a guarantee.

The combination of fried fish and french fries has an international reputation and this kind of combination can be made wonderfully from local fish. The most popular fish in the Eastern European region is the catfish. It can be prepared in any way - toasted bread, but also in a creamy mixture of flour and beer. And as a side dish we can ideally offer Aviko french fries, but we can also serve fish with SuperCrunch french fries. You can't miss homemade mayonnaise, a Ravigote sauce or remoulade.

In summer, fish can be used for different types of salad, by reinterpreting or "updating" the carp recipe marinated in vinegar. An ideal choice for this purpose is crucian, which is an ideal basic ingredient. The secret is the combination of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs in which we fry the fish, which we then put over a salad juice with vinegar, onion and other vegetables. The vinegar in the salad juice will help the fish pan to maintain its texture and will soften the fine and thin bones, and the salad will be a refreshing one. Depending on your preferences, we can add parsley, tomatoes, possibly baked and marinated peppers.

A cold type of fish is one prepared with oil. It is a refreshing summer recipe that can be offered in creative ways, with many tastes and that can be combined in many ways. For this way we recommend the use of fish belly. It is meat that can be obtained quite easily and is not expensive. We put the fillets in an oil pan, and we confit the preparation for about 15-20 minutes in the oven at 100 degrees. Let the fish cool in oil, then serve it whole or cut into pieces. Tomato sauce is an ideal combination, but the pot can also be a wonderful side dish, just like a green bean salad with citrus, or a mayonnaise with garlic and marinated onions.

Nico's agenda

Boil the fennel in salted water after removing the outer leaves. They don't have to be boiled to the brim but they don't have to be al dente either. After they are boiled, drain them well and pass them to the mixer. Drain the fennel puree, squeezing with a spoon in a colander the water left and add the egg, finely chopped onion, diced cooked ham, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, cheese.
After you have mixed well, form meatballs and pass them first in the flour and then in the breadcrumbs. Fry the meatballs in oil, drain on kitchen paper. Serve hot but they are also good cold. You can also bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.
recipe taken and modified by the magazine In tavola & quotArtichokes, asparagus and fennel & quot -Tv smiles and songs -2001

With this recipe I participate in the collection "Food in one bite" of Vanilla Flavor.

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Hake bread - Recipes

Fish is an irreplaceable part of every healthy menu. In addition to having a positive influence on the figure, it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish meat is low in fat. Protein contains fish that successfully replace pork, chicken and beef. In other words, you can get the protein your body needs without affecting your cholesterol, blood pressure or your figure.

Fish & # 8211: a cure

• Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Fish is good for the heart and blood vessels. Regular consumption of healthy prepared fish prevents the formation of deposits in the blood vessels.

• Take care of our bones

Large amounts of calcium in fish have a good effect on arthritis. Fish is a rich source of minerals. According to the calcium content, it is classified after milk and dairy products and before meat. Sea fish contain a huge amount of iodine and fluoride, while others are poorer in these trace elements.

Iodine and fluoride in fish are of major importance for the prophylaxis of iodine deficiency (goiter) and caries.

Saltwater fish are a wonderful source of vitamin D when the sun appears less often in winter. This vitamin maintains the immune system, strengthens bones and brain activity. One piece of salmon gives you the required daily dose of vitamin D.

• Take care of our beauty

We tend to avoid fats by taking care of our figure. The truth is that we need beneficial fats to enjoy healthy hair and skin. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help us in the fight against serious skin diseases such as psoriasis. So don't avoid fats & # 8211 select the right ones.

Fish contains vitamins essential to the body - A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B16, niacin.

Beneficial fats

The amount of fat in fish varies from 0.5 to 20% depending on the type, age and hunting season. According to the fat content, fish are divided into 3 categories:

- lean fish & # 8211 up to 5% fat (hake, cod, blood, white fish, turbot, laban, lufar, horse mackerel, trout)
- semi-fat fish & # 8211 between 5-10% fat (carp, shark, nototenia)
- fatty fish & # 8211 over 10% (sardines, sprat, herring, mackerel, tuna, pyramid, salmon).

Fish fats are evenly distributed in muscle tissue, whose representatives are the precious polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family. Studies show that they are responsible for the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing fish consumption.

Prostaglandins from fish fats have the property of enlarging blood vessels and reducing platelet adhesion. This also explains how they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy cooking

To take full advantage of the beneficial properties of fish & # 8211, remember that it must be prepared in a healthy way. Forget the finely fried fish or the breaded fish fillet. Opt for baked or grilled fish and for seasoning & # 8211 olive oil.

Try to eat fish at least once a week. This will have a good influence on your health as well as on your figure and good mood.

If your answer is yes, we are glad you found us! Our mission is to help you gain and maintain the perfect weight, feeding you in a healthy way. This is entirely possible with the help of a diet designed especially for you. We hope we find it useful.

PANE marinated fish - monastery recipe

Fish is one of the most important sources of protein consumed in monasteries. Recipes that use this food abound especially during Lent.

Being a fast of joy, fish is eaten every Saturday and Sunday, and after the Entry of the Mother of God into the Church, on all holidays and in which Romanian saints are celebrated.

It is most often used in soups, as such or incorporated in meatballs, but we also see it included in sarmale, meatballs, or prepared as a steak, in the oven.

Marinated breaded fish - recipe

• 1 kg of fish
• 1-2 lemons
• cornmeal, wheat flour
• salt and pepper to taste
• oil for frying

For this recipe you can use any kind of white meat fish, preferably hake or cod.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Portion suitable pieces and wash well.

Squeeze the lemons and put the resulting juice in a deep bowl. Add salt and pepper and mix. Put the pieces of fish, mix and leave to marinate for at least 4 hours.

It is good for the fish to be prepared in the evening, in order to draw as much of the lemon flavor as possible.

Mix the wheat flour with the corn flour and sprinkle a thick layer on a flat plate. Roll the fish pieces in flour and fry them in hot oil. Turn on the other side and fry evenly.

Remove on a plate previously lined with a thick napkin to absorb excess oil.

Breaded fish can be served as such, or with garlic sauce or tomato sauce. It is just as good and hot and cold.

Source: Laurențiu Cozmoiu, Marinated breaded fish, Cures & Monastic Recipes, Nr. 8, February 10 - April 10, 2016, p. 52

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

VIVELIS kitchen

Congratulations on choosing a product from the VIVELIS range! You already know that you enjoy a premium quality of fish, an envelope of spices perfectly associated with fish and we are with you with new recipes and cooking ideas!

Hake is a low-calorie fish with a low amount of cholesterol compared to other species, while benefiting from active nutrients group B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, potassium, Omega 3 fatty acids. white, delicious, with unique taste and aromas. We present you a tasty, quick recipe that will be appreciated by the whole family.

Ingredient: 1 pack of VIVELIS trunk cod at 750 gr. with sachet of spices included, 500 gr potatoes, cherry tomatoes from 3 sprigs, parsley, a few needles of rosemary, 100 ml oil, salt, pepper, 1 lemon, 3 cloves garlic.

Method of preparation:

  1. Thaw hake trunks, wash, drain and prepare for cooking
  2. Grease the fish with oil on both sides and place in the pan. Next to the fish, place the thinly sliced ​​potatoes and the whole cherry tomatoes
  3. Add the spices from the spice sachet included in the "VIVELIS Trunk Cod" package. Add the lemon slices and rosemary on top of the fish
  4. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for about 35-40 minutes or until ready.
  5. The fish can be served plain or sprinkled with a little lemon juice.

Our trick! For a special flavor, sprinkle with fresh garlic and chopped parsley when serving.


Put the thawed fish in the fridge the day before you cook it. Not in the microwave, not under water. In this way it will retain its structure, aroma and nutrients. Good appetite!

Recommended products for this recipe: Hake Trunk Vivelis at 750 gr from the Minus 22

The product Vivelis Trunk Cod at 750 gr. it can be found in the network of partner stores.


Salad fillets with baked bell peppers

Salami is the fish with the weakest meat, benefiting at the same time from the active nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body proteins, calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, the whole complex of B vitamins.

We present you a healthy, quick recipe, recommended for the whole family.

Ingredient: 1 packet VIVELIS Nile Salad Fillets at 700 gr with spice sachet included from Minus 22, 5 multicolored bell peppers, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon butter, mosaic pepper, lemon juice, salt, a bunch of parsley

Method of preparation:

  1. Thaw fillet fillet, wash, strain and prepare for cooking
  2. Saute the peppers in butter and two tablespoons of olive oil for 5 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper
  3. Thawed fillet fillet is greased with lemon juice, olive oil and seasoned with the spices in the package.
  4. Place in the tray lined with baking paper and place in the oven heated to 180-200 degrees C for 25-30 minutes

Our trick! For a special flavor when serving you can sprinkle chopped parsley.


Put the thawed fish in the fridge the day before you cook it. Not in the microwave, not under water. In this way it will retain its structure, aroma and nutrients.

Recommended products for this recipe: Nile Vivelis pike fillets at 700 gr from Minus 22

The mentioned assortment can be found in the network of partner stores.


Baby Hering (decapitated and gutted) in the oven

Baby Hering is a fish rich in Omega 3, with tender meat and fine flavor. The meat of this fish is also an important source of vitamin complex B12, A, PP and D. We present you a healthy, quick recipe, recommended for the whole family.


1 pack of Baby Hering decapitated and gutted at 700 g from Minus 22, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 egg, flour, breadcrumbs, baking paper, salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

  1. Thaw decapitated and gutted baby herring, wash, strain and prepare for cooking
  2. Line the tray with baking paper and grease the baking paper with a film of oil
  3. The fish is seasoned with salt and pepper is rolled in flour, egg and breadcrumbs
  4. Place the fish in the pan and then grease with a little oil on top
  5. Place in the oven heated to 180 degrees Celsius and after 15 minutes turn the fish on the other side and leave for another 10-15 minutes until browned.

The fish is served with your favorite garnish french friesyou, polenta, natural potatoes, etc.


Put the thawed fish in the fridge the day before it is cooked. Not in the microwave, not under water. In this way it will retain its structure, aroma and nutrients.

Recommended products for this recipe: Baby Herring decapitated and eviscerated at 700 gr.

The mentioned assortment can be found in the network of partner stores.


Vivelis Fish Fingers with mashed potatoes and lemon slices

Breaded fish sticks from the new Fish – Fingers Vivelis they guarantee a quality ocean fish product and bring a fast and tasty culinary experience to the modern family. We present you a quick recipe, recommended for the whole family.


1 package Vivelis Fish-Fingers at 250 gr (10 bars for about 2 people), a few slices of lemon, 2-3 mashed potatoes, parsley for decoration.

Method of preparation:

  1. Fish-finger bars does not thaw, just get out of the box
  2. The oven is preheated to 180-200 degrees Celsius and during this time the mashed potatoes are prepared (We recommend cooking in the oven because you get a crispy crust)
  3. Place the fish-finger bars in a tray and bake on medium heat for a maximum of 12 minutes.

The sticks are served hot with mashed potatoes and for a special flavor add lemon and parsley slices. Good appetite!


Recommended products for this recipe: Fish Fingers Vivelis bread sticks at 250 gr.

The mentioned assortment can be found in the network of partner stores or at the Minus 22 store in Calea Felidoarei no.31A, Brașov.