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Chickpea food with vegetables and minced meat

Chickpea food with vegetables and minced meat

Finely chop the red onion and put it to harden with the sliced ​​carrots. Add the minced meat, quench with the rose wine.

Put water and simmer for 15 minutes.

Add the sliced ​​zucchini, the juice drained chickpeas and finely chopped green onions.

Top with water until the vegetables are cooked.

Add spices to taste, and finally a little green parsley.

Fasting & # 8211 simple and fragrant recipe

Meatloaf is one of those dishes that, at first glance, does not seem to be specifically American because, as you probably already know, there are many variants of this dish all around the world. But this dish has become an emblem of authentic American cuisine, being a dish that reflects the tumultuous history of this people.

The meatball seems to have its origins in a dish called & ldquoscrapple & rdquo, introduced by the German-Americans in Pennsylvania during the colonial period. Scrapple it was a mixture of pork and corn flour, sliced ​​and fried in a pan. But the famous American meat roll officially appeared in the country's gastronomy around the 19th century and is a tribute to the dishes that can be made from what is left of other dishes, such as casseroles or shepherd's pies.

The meatball is a delicious, simple and satisfying dish, with a unique taste that any true American knows from the outside. Meatloaf means basically a & ldquobustean & rdquo of minced meat in the oven, to which are sometimes added hard boiled eggs, onions, vegetables (such as bell peppers) and spices, but most often the mixture is sprinkled with sauce gravy for steak and served with a mashed potato garnish. Drobul is usually served with sauces such as onion, barbecue sauce or ketchup.

Drobul is a simple way to offer a satisfying dinner to families in financial difficulties during the Great Depression, because it could be prepared using inexpensive pieces of meat to which sometimes even cheap bread, cereals or biscuits are added, not only to improve them. consistency and texture, but also to create a much more satisfying dish and get leftovers to be reused.

A quote from & ldquoMartha Stewart Living & rdquo from 1998 states: & ldquoThe only thing better than a meatloaf is the sandwich you get from its leftovers & rdquo, which effectively sums up the American style of eating fast, filling and easy to prepare.

According to culinary historian Andrew Smith, the first document attesting to the recipe for American drob dates back to the 1870s where, in a rather unusual way, the recipe was considered suitable for breakfast. Except for a few minor changes, the recipe has remained the same ever since, making it an authentic American dish. According to the recipe, "any kind of meat you have on hand" must be finely chopped, seasoned with salt and pepper, to which are added onions, egg and slices of bread soaked in milk. Because the population could not afford to feed the cattle during the winter, the meat used for the meat roll was most often beef.

The popularity of American fodder grew more and more towards the end of the century due to the industrialization of the meat packaging process, which resulted in many meat scraps too valuable to be simply thrown away. These leftovers were then shredded and seasoned for burgers, meatballs and, of course, for delicious meatloaves!

Although it was never really adopted by high-profile chefs (probably because of its simplicity and modest origins), by the end of the 1940s, fennel became not only an iconic dish in all restaurants, but also a very popular recipe for dinner, loved by all family members. Many famous chefs like Betty Crocker had their own version of the recipe, and there is even a cookbook dating back to 1958 that contains more than 70 suggestions for preparing the matloaf recipe!

A questionnaire in the magazine "lodquoGood Housekeeping" in 2007 mentioned meatloaf as the seventh favorite dish of Americans, so you can realize the importance of this dish for American cuisine and culture. For this reason, I wanted to create my own vegan / fast version of this meatloaf and I must admit that I am really impressed with the results! For my recipe I used a mixture of chickpeas, bell peppers and egg substitute from flax seeds, inactive yeast and many other healthy ingredients to get a dish extremely similar to the original in terms of taste and texture!

In Bucatarie La Sidy

I received this recipe (actually the original one) from Jordan from my girlfriend Tania Kiswani, which I thank very much and I hope you do not argue too much for the changes I made.
In fact, this food is made without chickpeas and is called Haraq osba'u - Lentil appetizer.
For some reason, I had to add chickpeas and what can be seen came out, but this food is so bad.
As it is made, it can be eaten fasting.

1 can of Sun Food lentils (or 500 g of lentils)
1 canned naut Sun Food
3 Lebanese glues
80 ml olive oil
3 large onions
1/2 link green parsley (she used green coriander)
3 tablespoons concentrated pomegranate sauce
200 ml vegetable soup
2 tablespoons tamarind paste (I did not have)

- for decoration
1 clove of garlic
1/2 bunch green parsley (coriander)
1 Lebanese stick
* 1 medium onion
* 1 clove of garlic
I haven't put the last 3 and you will see below why.

Method of preparation :

Unwrap the two cans of lentils and chickpeas and pass them under a stream of cold water, then let them cool in a strainer.
If you have lentils, wash them and let them soak for 30 minutes then put them in a pot to boil in water that exceeds the lentils with 2-3 fingers.

Finely chop the cleaned onion and fry it until it becomes translucent.

Put the lentils and chickpeas well drained over the onion and mix well.

Add 50 ml of soup and bring to the boil.

Meanwhile, cut the glues into strips, then the squares.

. and add them over lentils and chickpeas. Pour the rest of the soup and mix.

Now add the greens and pomegranate sauce.

We taste and then we match the taste of the food. I added a little sour pomegranate sauce, salt and pepper. Let it boil for about 10 minutes, soak the glues.

Meanwhile, fry the glue for the decar, clean the garlic and chop it finely. 1/2 I put it in the food and with the rest I decorated the food on top.

I decorated it with finely chopped greens and fried and crushed stick.

A delicious meal came out and I promise Tania that next time I will do it exactly as she wrote to me and I will ask you to read below and how she decorated the food.


Haraq osba & # 8217u

Cheap food in the evening

Quick and tasty, these cheap food recipes will pamper your taste buds at dinner and will take care of your figure.

Mediterranean salad with tuna

Ingredient: a can of tuna, a few lettuce leaves, a tomato, an onion, a small cucumber, 50 g of feta cheese, a few olives, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, lemon juice.

Wash and cut the vegetables, then put them in a bowl with the diced feta cheese. Undo the canned tuna, sprinkle with the herbs, spices and lemon juice, then mix everything well and put the composition over the vegetables. Homogenize and serve the salad.

Lettuce soup

Ingredient: two heads of lettuce, 5 cloves of garlic, an egg, a small glass of sour cream or yogurt, salt, pepper, two tablespoons of oil. If you want it to be more nutritious, add 100 g of kaizer.

Wash the salad and break it into pieces. Grind the garlic and cut the kaizer into cubes. Put oil in a pot and add the kaizer pieces. After a minute, add the garlic and egg. Mix everything well. Add the necessary water and lettuce. Match the taste with the spices and let the soup boil. When ready, add sour cream or yogurt. Put the lettuce soup in a bowl and sprinkle croutons on top.

Get inspired by these recipes of cheap food and fast when you're out of ideas or not good financially.

Chickpea food with ouzo (and meat)

If you're from that, it works without meat, but with pork it's cooler. And as some of you like to ask, yes, the pig is replaced with something else. Chicken, turkey, kangaroo, whatever you want. What I can tell you is that this crap, just like I do, is absolutely delicious. The pictures are not who knows what, but it is, as I say, yummy, mniam, mlem, lick something. And I have other little recipes after that, of course, in the style of the non-culinary block you are on.

I used pork (breast but almost fat, that's why I put it here), onion and garlic (how much, how much, I don't know, you see in the pictures). First I cooked the meat in a little olive oil (that's why, yes, olive oil), then I put the onion and garlic. Salt and pepper, according to the master, ad libitum.

When they softened a bit, I put a bottle of ouzo and left it with a lid. When the alcohol has evaporated and it smells cool, I put the chickpeas and some water, I left some and at the end I opened a can of chopped tomatoes.

And that's it, I put a cold pan under the air conditioning, because at two thousand degrees from the air it wouldn't get cold tomorrow either.

From the fatter piece of pork I made with garlic, malt drink, soy sauce, a little teriyaki and sesame oil, plus szechuan pepper, a thing.

I also had a purple gully.

So I made a purple gulia soup. Without meat.

And, to be in the summer trend (this, the other and those to come), I also make pumpkin meatballs, yes, a single grated zucchini, drained, mixed with egg, cheese, dill and a few potato flakes.

Otherwise, I want to keep pictures of the house and the cocoons on the floor.

What else am I cooking?

I tasted such a salad years ago and it seemed exceptional. I was amazed that it was with mustard mayonnaise, which I didn't know could be made. I didn't know much at that time, that's why I kept learning and I'm still learning, because there are so many dishes that you can't learn them all in one life. But at least the most famous ones to know and I would be satisfied.
Vegetable salad is quite easy to make, but I found that it is better to make smaller quantities, which are eaten faster, until Christmas. Otherwise, the salad can spoil - it also depends on how cold it is where I keep it and how long it stays until we eat it. Although I kept it in the cellar, still, because it stayed for a few months, the remaining salad jars broke. But I found the explanation: I had the wrong recipe and the salad turned out too sour, so we didn't like it very much. Now that I have a good recipe, I will make more, but half the amount. I am convinced that now we will eat it, especially since it is a fasting salad, only good for Christmas fasting.

Ingredients for 6 large 800 ml jars

- 1 kg of carrots
- 1 kg onion
- 1 kg gogonele
- 1 kg of bell peppers
- 1 kg gogosari

- 1 jar of 200g mustard
- 400 ml of sunflower oil

- 1 liter of water
- 1/2 liter of wine vinegar of 9 degrees
- 2 1/2 tablespoons coarse salt
- 4 tablespoons sugar
- 1 bay leaf

First I cleaned all the vegetables. I cut the peppers and donuts faithfully.

I grated the carrots on the small grater, and I cut the onion into small pieces. I was lucky that I didn't work too hard, because I was able to chop the carrots and onions on the food processor.

I also cut the gogoneles into sticks as thin as possible.

Having all the chopped vegetables, I boiled water with vinegar, then added salt, sugar and bay leaf.

When the brine started to boil, I first scalded the onion, that is, I put it all in the brine, for 5 minutes, leaving the high heat to boil.

After 5 minutes, I took out the onion with a whisk and put it in a sieve, to drain well.
When the brine started to boil again, I put the peppers and donuts, then I did the same with the onion. After 5 minutes, I took them out and put them in the sieve, drained.

I scalded the gogonele as well. I left the carrots at the end, because they have to sit for 10 minutes when scalded, being thicker and stronger. Then I took them out and let them drain until the next day.

The next day I made mayonnaise from a 200g jar of mustard and 400 ml of oil. It is very easy to make by hand and on a robot, just like ordinary mayonnaise, but there are not so great chances to cut it.

I washed all the jars well, for which I bought new lids. Then I sterilized them, keeping them in the oven for 10 minutes on low heat. When they cooled, I took them out of the oven to be cold when I fill them with salad.
I mixed all the vegetables with mayonnaise in a bowl, then I filled the jars.

I tightened the lids well and took the jars to the cellar, to cool.

It would be preferable to sit in the refrigerator, if there is no cellar or balcony in which it is cold without freezing. But, in my experience, it is better to be consumed in a maximum of 2 months.
My advice might be useless, because it only happened to me that the salad remained. The other colleagues finished the salad in the first week since they made it and made another series.
So, let's try the salad again, it's really delicious!
Good appetite and good work!