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Soup from Tara Motilor

Soup from Tara Motilor

Old recipe, copied from a calendar from the '80s.

  • 300 g pork,
  • 150 g kaizer or smoked ham,
  • an onion,
  • 3 cloves of garlic,
  • some cabbage and gully leaves,
  • lard or oil,
  • a tablespoon of flour,
  • chopped greens,
  • 500 ml sour milk or borscht,
  • salt,
  • pepper.

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Soup from Tara Motilor:

The meat and kaizer are cut into pieces and boiled in 3 liters of cold water. It foams from time to time. The cabbage and gully leaves are washed and cut into strips, then together with the finely chopped onion they are lightly hardened in lard or oil. Remove the vegetables from the pan, and in the remaining lard make a white sauce from a tablespoon of flour and a little water. Sauce, onion and hardened leaves are added to the pot when the meat is almost cooked. Season with salt and pepper, add borscht or sour milk and bring to a boil, then add the chopped greens and turn off the heat. Immediately add the finely ground garlic.

It is served hot and is very good, especially with smoked kaizer.

Soup from Tara Motilor - Recipes

Albalact butter and cream work wonders in recipes, over and over again, but especially during the holidays. Because, for Romanians, the customs are well established, especially when it comes to food, and Albalact speaks precisely about tradition, customs, authentic taste. He tells us about the Land of the Moths and its good and warm people like a steaming cake from Christmas Eve.

Albalact butter and cream cannot be missing from the shopping cart and the rich winter holiday table. They are tasty, fatty, creamy, and without them, the traditional sarmale and cozonaci would not be… traditional!
Albalact launches a holiday campaign and encourages consumers to cook traditionally and gather the family at the table. Albalact butter and cream represent for consumers the Romanian products that have kept their quality and taste of yesteryear. Used in steaming cabbage rolls, hot soups, hearty sauces, cakes and other wonderful desserts, Albalact products tastefully complement the rich recipes of Romanian cuisine.

Albalact is a story of milk and wealth that comes from simple things.

Albalact talks about milk, its origins and the people who work with and for it. I mean, about the Land of the Moths.

VIDEO | A woman from Alba made a sensation at "Chefs with knives" with an aphrodisiac from Țara Moţilor. The "golden" food received 3 knives

Cristina Nicola from Arieșeni made a sensation on the show "Chefs with knives" with an aphrodisiac from Țara Moţilor and "golden" food. The contestant revealed that she is extremely proud to wear traditional clothes from Ţara Moţilor.

According to her, every moţi family has folk costumes from the youngest to the oldest. While preparing pies on the slab and gold drob, Cristina Nicola revealed many details about the traditions and customs of the Land of the Moţilor.

Carefully placing the dishes on the plate, the contestant then eagerly awaited the verdict given by the three jurors.

The band went, the bells went up and Sorin Bontea, Florin Dumitrescu and Cătălin Scărlătescu were more than impressed by what they discovered on the plates. They tried to figure out what the recipes were about and who could have cooked such a dish.

Then, the three tasted the glasses of drink, which contained "a herbal aphrodisiac", as revealed by the contestant behind the scenes.

The doors opened and Cristina Nicola came with special gifts for Sorin Bontea, Florin Dumitrescu and Cătălin Scărlătescu, in the 5th edition of season 9 of the show "Chefs with knives".

Extremely curious, the chefs wanted to know more about the cheese and the traditions of this special area of ​​our country.

For its special preparation, the competition received three knives and the chance to go further, in season 9 "Chefs with knives"!

Watch the video above from the 5th edition of season 9 of the show "Chefs with knives" to enjoy the moment.

The Dacian healer from the Land of the Moths

But also a simple man, to whom the Divinity gave a very special gift: the science of healing, with ancient preparations. It is Ruben Stănilă, who is known as the Dacian from Țara Moţilor.

With a long beard and gentle speech, Ruben looks more like a monk from Pogoja, a small village on the border between Hunedoara and Arad. Ruben graduated from the forestry high school in Timișoara and for 10 years he worked as a forestry brigadier, then for 20 years he was a forester. During these two decades, man learned all the natural remedies from the elders of all villages. In addition, Ruben also collected very old books of inestimable value, which added to his knowledge that the moth, as he is known, had since childhood, when he first became acquainted with the secrets of flowers and of medicinal plants.

Consequently, the man picks his flowers on the full moon when the moth says, their sap is more concentrated, and the roots on the moon dry. Is this the reason why his remedies have never failed? In addition, Ruben never breaks up with his notebooks where the names and healing qualities of his plants are written, but also the diseases he cures and the recipes he invented and then tested over time.

Above all, however, Ruben Stănilă is close to God with his soul, aware that first of all the human soul must be healed, then the body. If a person has a soul full of hatred, jealousy, anger, malice, then surely the cure of the moth is not very useful. But if he has a pure heart, the disease will go away as fast as it came. Testimony are the people to whom Ruben Stănilă gave the most precious gift: health.

In Bucatarie La Sidy

It is said that Transylvanians they are the most German of the Romanians, due to the cult they have for a job well done. But the Transylvanians also stand out by the fact that they know how to eat a lot and well!
Tara Motilor is a really fascinating area, both for the beauty of the places, but especially for the beauty of the people: appearance, generosity, hard work, hospitality!
mountaineers is respected when it comes to food. I work hard and therefore have to feed myself accordingly.
The country of Moţilor is full of surprises, from landscapes to fine people, beyond the hustle and bustle of the city and not included in the classic travel guides.
An old recipe, copied from a calendar from the '80s, says my dear Oana who was my source of inspiration for this incredibly tasty soup.
I made a few small changes, but a great soup came out, as he knows it Oanato do. Thank you dear girl.

We need :

300 g pork
150 g smoked raw-dried neck
1 carrot
1 onion
1/2 red and green bell pepper
4 cloves garlic
4 cauliflower bunches
4 cabbage leaves
2 tablespoons oil
400 ml bag
2 l meat soup
1-2 yolks
green parsley
80 g thin noodles (optional)

Method of preparation :

Cut the smoked nectar into strips and brown it in a pan, then set it aside.

We clean the carrot, onion and garlic. We cut the peppers and the carrot into small cubes, we cut the cabbage into small pieces and the meat into cubes.

In the pot in which we will make the soup we put 2 tablespoons of oil and sauté the carrots and peppers, they will give a nice color to the soup. We add the meat cubes and mix them until they change color.
Add the soup, cabbage, whole onion and browned neck, season and see if you still need the soup or not. house and water, as much as you need.

Let it boil until the meat is cooked and breaks easily into strips. It depends on the age of the meat.

In a bowl, mix the yolks with some borscht, then add a pinch of hot soup, mix and pour over the soup in the pot,
If I have to add borscht, I don't boil it separately.
Let it boil for 5 minutes.

It seemed to me that the soup was not thick enough, so I added some pasta to it.

Serve the wonderful moti soup, along with the hot peppers, so hot.
But the motives, when they sit down at the table, drink a glass of brandy beforehand.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Appetizer muffins

Liana Toma from pemasadinbucatarie organizes a cooking contest briose. The prize is a 12-piece muffin tray, and the condition is to prepare the muffins according to one of Liana's recipes. The contest started on April 25 and ends on May 9. Details, here:

Having already a very similar tray, I thought of letting the younger housewives participate, but the idea of ​​making some appetizer muffins I had in mind for a long time, and now I found the opportunity and inspiration.
First of all, I stopped at Liana's kaizer muffins, but since I don't get along very well with yeast doughs, I combined her recipe with one from the net ( and-cheese-morning-muffins) and with what I had on hand, something very fluffy and good came out.

ingredients :
- mixture 1 : a cup and a quarter of flour (250 g), a teaspoon of salt, a sachet of baking powder.
- mixture 2 : 2 large eggs, 3/4 cup (150 ml) milk, 1/4 cup (50 ml) oil.
- filling : 100 g cheese, a thick slice of poultry ham, a thick slice of smoked kaiser, 2 green onions, a few slices of carrot, a handful of chopped greens, 5-6 pitted olives.
- an egg to grease on top, butter / cream to grease the muffin tins.

I used a 200 ml cup.

The muffin recipe book is for decoration only.

The ham and kaiser are cut into small pieces, the onion is cut as for the salad, the carrot is chopped, the cheese is cut into cubes, the greens are chopped, the olives are cut into rounds.

Mix whole eggs, then add oil and milk, mixing the composition. Flour, salt and baking powder are mixed with a spoon, then incorporated into the composition no. 1. A slightly thicker, but flowing, pandispan dough comes out. In this dough put the pieces of ham, onion, kaiser, cheese, carrot and chopped greens. Mix lightly with a spoon.

Bake in the oven to heat. The muffin tins are greased with butter or sour cream, then put a tablespoon of the composition in each form, so that they are only half full, because they will grow. It was perfect for me for the 12 shapes. On top, garnish with olive slices, then grease the muffins with beaten egg.
Put the tray in the oven on the right heat for about 20-25 minutes. They are ready when they pass the toothpick test and are browned on the edges. Peel a squash, grate it and place it on a plate. Serve hot or cold, and disappear from the table quickly! :)

Good appetite and good luck to the participants, be they housewives or housewives!

The battle for the position of deputy from the Apuseni Mountains college begins

The first important political battle of 2012 will be the one for a deputy seat for the Apuseni Mountains college, the place becoming vacant after the death of the UDMR parliamentarian, Karoly Palfi.

According to the daily Romania Libera, the battle for the appointment of a new deputy is particularly important, because it will represent a kind of "litmus paper", which will reveal the electoral tendencies for next year's local and general elections.

Moreover, it has a high symbolic stake. And this is because the constituency in the Apuseni Mountains also includes the native village of Prime Minister Emil Boc, the PDL president. It is about Rachitele locality, from Margau commune.

Most of the candidates for the deputy mandate are those inside USL. Confirmed sources show that there are five candidates in PNL and three in PSD. They may also be joined by a PC candidate.

In PNL, among the candidates are two county councilors. It is about Marius Balaj and Mihai Szeplekan. Former deputy Mircea Pusca could also enter the race. Of the three, Mihai Szeplekan confirmed that he entered the competition. "Yes, I can confirm that I submitted my candidacy," the Liberal adviser told the quoted source.

Among the PSD, the most mentioned name is that of the doctor Iosif Zagrean, one of the leaders of the revolutionaries. The PC could also nominate a candidate, in the person of the former local councilor from Campia Turzii, Avram Gal. In PDL, the name of the candidate has not been decided yet.

The local press wrote that, before the outbreak of the scandal resulting in his arrest for corruption, the vice-president of the County Council, Radu Bica, would have been the best placed competitor. Now, however, the PDL could throw one of the secretaries of state in Prime Minister Emil Boc's team into the race.

Not only the big parties will participate in this competition, but also the smaller formations. Thus, UDMR has at its disposal two former parliamentarians. These are former senator Peter Eckstein-Kovacs and former deputy Sandor Konya-Hamar.

Also, PNTCD could try to throw in the fight one of the most important leaders, with the hope that it will pass the electoral threshold of 5 percent. Thus, the president of this political party, Victor Ciorbea, is not excluded from running in Cluj, especially since he is a native of Tara Motilor.

The breathtaking nature reserve from Ţara Moţilor

Located on the border of Hunedoara and Alba counties, the Masiv Buceș-Vulcan nature reserve is a place where time slows down, and the surrounding views completely kidnap you.

Arriving at the foot of Mount Vulcan you can see rocks with prominent shapes, preserved for thousands of years. The reservation is located 25 kilometers from the city of Brad and at the entrance to Alba County.

The reservation is unique in our country

Vulcan Peak is one of the most spectacular rock formations in Romania. Reaching a height of almost 1,300 meters and a level difference of over 500 meters from the pass located in Buceș. At the same time, the reserve occupies almost five hectares.

During the revolutions in Transylvania, the motions gathered many times and made camps at the foot of the Buceș - Vulcan Massif.

To defend the gorge, the Moats fought bravely and faithfully. Excursions often frequent the Buceș-Vulcan Massif, being an increasing attraction for many tourists.

In order to reach the top of the mountain, a well-developed route must be followed by a guide. Some places are more difficult to cross, and the climb to the top takes about two hours. When you reach the top, the views from above will take your breath away.

In addition, the limestones of the mountain preserve a large number of fossil traces. Those who reach the upper plateau will be able to discover the formation of sinkholes, all surrounded by forest. The mountain is adorned with dozens of plant species, some of them very rare.

"At the top there is a forested karst plateau, some meadows and sinkholes, which are highlighted by their characteristic funnel shape. The massif is surrounded almost entirely by limestone walls that in some places exceed 150m. from where you can admire the surroundings. Over time, the motions in the area have capitalized on the limestone, turning it into quicklime ", writes Ioan Benea Jurca, about the massif he explored.

The bizarre temple in the Land of the Moţi »Ioan Bobar painted his house in red-blue

The house with two small rooms and a hall is painted inside in red-blue colors, and the emblem of the Star is in place of honor both on the walls and on the roof. Messages for players and Gigi Becali are part of the household landscape.

In Sohodol, a commune of 2,000 inhabitants, located 80 km west of white Iulia, among the wonderful hills in the heart of Ţara Moţilor, the houses are big, imposing. It looks like indigo, covered with "eternity", as the locals call the corrugated tiles that replace the old tile.

But here is a special, shrill dwelling. And you don't have to go very far from the center of the village to discover the "cradle" of Stelism in the Transylvanian locality. The host is waiting for you in front of the gate and the red-blue fence. Properly cooked, with a leather coat, cloth trousers, a white shirt and a black tie, she displays a wide smile under her aged mustache. "My name is Bobar Ioan. Bobar Ioan Hoara. And this is my house!", The man explains.

"There are only Steaua players here"
From the adjoining courtyard, an old woman looks in astonishment at the strangers who have crossed her neighbor's doorstep, and, arranging her handkerchief, throws a "Health, John! Come on!" "There are only Steaua players around here!" Says the man. "Only Steaua?" E Fair play and recognizes. "They were, in the real world of football, a director and a couple more with Dinamo, but 'rest' we were all with the star! ". He smiles and opens the door to the universe created for the football team. Above the porch is written" Fan club Steaua ". On the right, above the window," Fan Club George Becali".

At first glance, it looks more like a workshop. On the floor, a pair of pliers is thrown, and on a small table there are some "circle wheels", intended for a circular saw. In another corner, a pile of freshly cracked firewood, placed next to a few bricks. Everything in a red-blue light, given by the improvised stained glass windows in the hall.

"We started painting immediately after winning the Champions Cup"
As a real guide in the Star Museum, nea ’Ion enters the first room. It's really his bedroom. "I am sixteen-five, sixteen-six with the Star!" He exclaimed proudly, admiring the almost pink walls, on which are painted red-blue stars and hearts. "The idea came to my son, Călin, after Steaua won the Champions Cup. Immediately after the final, we started painting. Now, the boy is in Spain."

The "red-blue rage" reads in his eyes, his passion, but also his gratitude. He is in a hurry, because he has a few more "exhibits" that he wants to present. He reads aloud the other message: "Forza Steaua! Steaua is unique!", After which he passes into the next room.

"Shepherds help each other"
A question needs to be asked. "About Steaua, I understand. What about Gigi Becali?". The old man rubs his curly hair, then says emphatically: "Well, we've been with Becali since she came to Steaua. I don't know how to tell you. He comes from a family with sheep, with these. And I, when I was younger, I was raising sheep, I was raising cattle. That's how shepherds are, they get along with each other, they help each other. "

"Still, Steaua fans are challenging him!", Comes the challenge. Sohodolean responds with a determined voice: "I don't always agree either, that what he does to the coaches, woe to their heads! Yes, only those who do not work are not wrong! We appreciate him for what he does for people. "How many churches he has made! I would like to meet him." Ends and stops in front of a banner.

"Neşu. Champion"
With one end hanging on the wall and the other hanging over a sofa, there is a rather large, yellow cloth. Once unfolded, you can see the whole message, dedicated to a character cherished by nea 'Ioan. "M. NEŞU. THE CHAMPIONS. DON'T LET YOURSELF UP. FORZZA". "The poster was made by my son, in Spain, and he brought it to me," explains Uncle Bobar. The missing hyphen is also forgiven, words are superfluous. "I wish Neşu good luck and health. May he be well!"

"We want to invite Duckadam and everyone from Steaua '86 in May"
The Bobar family is determined not to give up the perpetuation of the Steaua spirit. "Do you see that house?" Says the old man, pointing to an unfinished brick building that stands just a few feet from the museum. "When I finish it, I want to demolish it. But until then, probably in May, my whole boy, Călin, wants to call Duckadam and the Star team from '86. We will build the new house at the same with Steaua! "

Quiche with salmon - quick to make

It is excellent. However, I subscribe to the fine - and English - humor of "John Doe" regarding the preciousness of the names of some ingredients. It is really not the case to complicate unnecessarily the recipes with borrowed names, when we have Romanian words at hand.

It is true, it would be clearer to write in Romanian and if we live abroad and we really want to post something on a Romanian page not to use the expressions from the country where we live.

Comment on the answer above: it's funny, but in Romanian it is said correctly "my pan is only 26 cm". The pan is only 26 cm and is an enormity heard on all televisions and coming from the south of the country, where the language and human dignity are abused. At least in the use of language, Teleorman should not influence us!

Unfortunately, I can't prepare this recipe: my shape is only 26 cm in diameter and I only have solid cream (until I got a slicer, I cut it with bonfaier). In addition, I searched the whole city for the living room and I didn't find it: at the market they understood that I wanted a living room and they sent me to the confectionery. There they packed 2 sacks for me, thinking I was talking with an aspirated "r". When I said I didn't think it was right, they told me to adjust my prosthesis or go to a speech therapist. I didn't have a prosthesis, so I went to a speech therapist, thinking this was a saloon wholesaler. Poor thing, he didn't know what a living room was either, but he taught me to pronounce it in all languages ​​(it was easier to call it a red water onion, small and elongated). With pate brisee was the simplest: from my vast polyglot culture I know that brisee in French means broken, broken. So I went into the first boutique (sic!), I took a box of pate, telling me that at home I make it with a slice hammer (maybe it was better to call it tart dough). We are waiting for as many such recipes with names that are taught at chef schools (as I just don't call them chefs!).

Video: BARBU 1 glume din tara motilor (January 2022).